Luke 'Excel' Reynolds | Biography

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The Minnesota Hip Hop Coalition

- Advisory Committee Member


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Excel (born Luke Reynolds) comes from the Twin Cities, Minnesota. After exploring and touring various regions of the work including Japan, Mexico, Dominican Republic, California, North Carolina, and more, Excel's placed his focus back in his cities! Making music as an international touring artist and seeding a movement nationally in America, Excel has been working for the power of the people with his ProsaiC Minds and Progress Foundation families with the objective of helping others to empower themselves.

During his time as a troubled teen Luke evaded five felony charges, which compelled him to change his life with the United States Marine Corps. Already planning his recruitment with the Coon Rapids recruiting office, Luke had been caught with two bags of marijuana in High school at age 15, having the felony charge of 'possession with intent to distribute' brought to a gross misdemeanor with help of the Marine Corps recruiter. It wasn't but a few months later, in December of 2007, that Luke was at a fight and received a possession charge for cocaine found in his proximity; in which the Marine Corps recruiter was able to negotiate into a gross misdemeanor. The third offense came about with the inspiration for the song titled Prosaic off of AWOL's Contraband album, when 16 year old Luke vandalized the property of a man his ex girlfriend was cheating on him with. She claimed to be pregnant with his child, and he was reportedly going to her house to discuss their situation, only to be confronted by her cheating on him. As you can guess, the Marine Corps recruiter pulled through and helped Luke once again evade a felony charge, this time for vandalization.

At age 18 Luke became a legal adult, and during what was then a two year "uncommitted" relationship, following up his previous experience with his former ex, Luke was confronted was her being tired of waiting. During this time, the young artist made the irresponsible decision of driving while under the influence and crashed his 1972 Olds' Cutlass Supreme into mailbox, two trees, and a parked brand new 2008/2009 Camry; unfastened with a bottle in the backseat. Luckily Luke sustained no injuries and hurt nobody during the accident, but did total both vehicles in the collision. Luke was still fortunate enough to get bailed out of a felony and DWI by his recruiter, landing his record with a 'reckless driving' offense. Luke had managed to stay out of trouble for the next 6 months up until around the date of his graduation until he "assaulted" a minor, who sustained no injuries whatsoever. Although the situation remains very controversial, Luke had no choice but to go through with joining the Marine Corps the day after he walked for graduation, in hopes the judge would dismiss the charges. Luke was very hesitant about joining the military and didn't believe it was a place where he would be able to grow musically; however, he was far from a position to make choices.

When in the military Luke took on the name Excel, and met many contacts from North Carolina to Okinawa, Japan, having produced 6 albums while in the service: [untitled], Excel (self-titled), Slow Love, Quarter Short, Loose Change, and "The Message." His growth as an artist developed with his growing depression and anxiety driven by his loss of control. Being in the Marine Corps, Excel (as all other enlisted members of the armed service) gave up all control of his environment, and life, having made the decision to sign the dotted line. This reflected heavily on his music and efforts, but also brought on serious spiritual and physical growth. Okinawa, Japan, became a self-asserted home away from home for the young visionary. Helping to provide a foundation for his chi, Excel came to research and become more consciously aware of the economic state of not only America but the world, and found his calling, and what ProsaiC Minds had been about all along. The pieces fell into places while awaiting his departure from the military, creating great music, and gaining priceless experiences; ProsaiC Minds began to gain foundation not only in Okinawa, but also back home in America.

Upon returning to America Excel successfully founded ProsaiC Minds on December 21, 2014, as well as helping to establish Progress Foundation on May 17, 2014, as cofounder and Development Director. As the work of the young visionary increases so does his drive. Now more than ever, Excel is working to help build the power of the people.Having volunteered extensively with Save The Kids Group in the Twin Cities against the Incarceration of Youth, and working to protest independently against GMOs and water fluoridation, Excel found himself deeply emerged in activism and efforts to enlighten the people. Today Excel is working to reach people like you, and continue to build collective efforts.